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Today I looked at the mountain of shoes piled in the entryway and had to hold in a momentous scream.  With six in our family, the shoe situation is out.of.control.  If delinquent shoes are driving you crazy too, try these smart shoe storage solutions to help you get and stay organized.

14 Smart Shoe Storage Solutions

1.Hang pegs in your entryway for shoes to rest.

pegs mounted on wall for shoe organization

2. Or mount coat hooks at foot level for an easy shoe rack.

coat hooks mounted on wall near floor to hold shoes

3. Build a pvc pipe shoe shelf in your garage or closet.

pvc pipes used to hold shoes

4. Well this solves about 52 shoe storage solutions.

white cabinet with built in shoe storage

5. I love when furniture doubles as storage.  Just toss shoes in this cushioned ottoman and close the lid!

cushioned ottoman used as shoe storage

6. And why didn’t I think of this simple solution.  Hang an inexpensive shoe organizer in your entryway closet.  That way, kids come home from school, their shoes don’t have to loiter.  Or if your bedrooms are upstairs, like in my house, I have a quick place to store shoes without having to run up and down stairs.

over the door shoe holder

7. In my next house, this tricky hideout is a must.  Stairs that double as shoe storage.

stairs that double as shoe storage

8. This is pretty.  I love the vintage wooden crates that act as shoe storage under a clean white bench.

vintage crates used for shoe storage

9. What a great garage sale find!  They’ve turned this old library card filing shelf into shoe organization!

library card shelf used for shoe storage

10. The cool industrial vibe of this quick shoe storage solution is simple and easy to get to.

milk crates used as shoe storage in entryway

11. Want a cool ladder shoe shelf in your closet?  Learn how to make one here.

photo of ladder shoe shelf for shoe storage

12. Now this is smart.  Use a trendy rolling cart as shoe storage.

shoe storage cart with multi pairs of shoes

13. What a great way to use empty space under the stairs.

under stairs shoe storage drawers

14. Another great vintage repurpose: turn an antique cabinet into a shoe shelf.

shoe storage solutions

So if you’ve ever nearly tripped to your death because of a shoe, hopefully these shoe storage solutions are just what you need!


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