I just love the clean, minimalist look of modern interior design.  And giving your home a modern makeover doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  By just adding a few simple touches, you can get these modern makeovers on a budget

21 Modern Makeovers You Can Do Even On a Budget

1. Pillows: Get instant modern makeovers with a few new pillows.  The minimalist “Love” sign is a good touch too.

Modern makeover 1

2. Switch out your headboard.  A modern headboard will transform the feel of your room without forking over the money for an entirely new bed set.

Modern makeover 2

3. Add a cool modern bookshelf and stage it like this modern one.

Modern makeover 3

4. Touches of gold and simple decor make modern design clean and luxe. You can DIY this cool brass himmeli hanger here.

Modern makeover 4

5. Instead of completely redoing your kitchen, get new modern barstools instead.

Find more modern dining furniture here to fit your budget!

Modern makeover 5

 6. Make this DIY modern wall clockModern makeover 6

7. Add some geometric design.

Modern makeover 7

8. I love this wood coffee table, white planters, and gray and white pillow collection of this modern living room.

Modern makeover 8

9. The metallics, pillows, light fixture, tables, and…that photo…give off a very cool modern vibe.

Modern makeover 9

10. Modern dining room with lots of white and the most intriguing modern art.

Modern makeover 10

11. You have to check out this entire modern boy’s room.  Stunning.

Modern makeover 11

12.  Check out the geometric design of those pillows!  Totally modern, especially with all of the metallic accents and white backdrop.

Modern makeover 12

13. Now, this bedroom is beyond cool.  Decorative wood features that double as lighting!

Modern makeover 13

14. The thing I love most about this modern bedroom has to be that worn wooden bench at the end of the bed.

Modern makeover 14

15. I need this room in my house.  Now.

Modern makeover 15

16. Little pops of color make this modern bedroom very fun indeed.

Modern makeover 16

17. Modernize your home by adding a sliding barn door.

Modern makeover 17

18. Add wood panels to any bedroom wall.  There are even peel and stick products to give you this modern look.

Modern makeover 18

19. Or DIY your own wood pallet accent wall.

Modern makeover 19

20. Take something vintage and make it modern.  You’ll never believe what this modern dresser looked like before.

Modern makeover 20

21. Trade out your traditional chairs with modern ones.  Oh, and take a look at this amazing light fixture!

Modern makeover 21

Click here for even more modern furniture on a budget (including beautiful photos for inspiration!).


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