As ladies who work solely from home, a question we often get asked is, “How can I work from home too?” Well, the answer to that lies in another question: What are you good at? Being paid while you’re in your jammies is awesome, but it does require a lot of dedication. If you’d like to be home with your kids, have more autonomy, or be your own boss, then check out these cool ways that you can work from home and see if any are right for you.

34 Cool Ways You Can Work from Home

1. Be a tutor.

Did you major in English or Biology in college? Are you a whiz at math? You can help high schoolers prepare for the SATs or help struggling students get caught up by becoming a tutor.

2. Teach lesons.

Do you play a musical instrument or have a special skill? Turn your hobby into a money-maker by teaching lessons. Music lessons like piano, violin, or guitar lessons can run anywhere from $10-$25 per lesson. You could also teach cooking classes or charge for web design lessons. The sky’s the limit.

3. Host youth camps.

Kids are always looking for something fun to do and parents are always looking for something to entertain them. Be that something and you could have a nice little side business. Read our post on the dos and don’ts of hosting camps for some inspiration. Some fun camp ideas could be a superhero camp, athletic camp, baking camp, or a Christmas cookie decorating and story camp.

4. Crafty? Sell on Etsy.

Etsy is a Mecca for all things crafty. If you have a gift for designing or creating pretty things, Etsy is your place to sell and even make a decent dollar.

5. Have an eBay store.

If you don’t have a creative bone in your body, selling items on eBay might be more up your alley. Some people scour local thrift stores and vintage clothing shops for hot items they can make a profit on. Here’s a great guide to selling old things for a profit.

6. Got a talent for flipping things? Sell them on Craigslist.

There are people out there who have an eye for value. They can restore an old car and resell it for twice the amount or take a broken fridge that someone just gave away, fix it up, and then sell it for cold hard cash. Craigslist is a great place to sell items locally and it just might be your next side hustle.

7. Turn your talent into your job.

You want to work from home? Okay, first think about what you’re good at. Even listing your strengths and talents on a sheet of paper can help you conceptualize what kind of stay-at-home job you’d be great at. Are you an excellent communicator? You would make an ideal virtual assistant or social media manager for blogs and websites. Do you have a knack for writing? Turn it into a freelance writing job. When you think in terms of your strengths, it can help you narrow down an at-home job that’s right for you.

8. Bake for special occasions.

If you are an excellent baker who always garners oohs and ahh from friends and family, maybe it’s time to pursue  an at-home baking job. There are so many special occasions you could sell your delicatessens for: Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, etc. The list goes on and on for people and occasions that require delicious desserts.

9. Try medical transcription.

There is plenty of room in the medical field for transcription and billing. Medical transcriptionists create reports and documents from doctors’ dictations. Transcription requires an associate’s degree and a certificate. A medical transcriptionist can work from home and make a median annual salary of $35,000.

10. Editing and proofreading.

Folks with a keen eye for grammar can find plenty of job opportunities in the editing and proofreading field. Many online websites and publications are looking for responsible individuals who can make sure documents are kosher for the public eye.

11. Child care.

Child care is the perfect way to work from home. Parents who work outside the home but who want their child to spend the day in a loving home will pay for your services.

12. Pet care.

Similarly, animal lovers can turn their affinity for pets into a nicely paying side job. You can pet sit for owners when they go out of town, walk dogs, check in on pets, and even train them if you have the expertise.

13. House cleaning and maintenance.

House cleaning companies charge a pretty penny for their services and you can get in on that action by offering your house-cleaning services. You could also do other people’s odd-jobs or home maintenance projects.

14. Freelance writing.

So your high school English teacher told you you had a real talent for writing? He or she may be onto something. You can find plenty of freelance writing jobs out there on the world wide web.

15. Consulting.

Are you a business owner who has a lot of knowledge to impart? How about a social media guru who knows all the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more? Well, plenty of others like you have taken the leap and become consultants. There are many people out there who would pay for your hard-earned advice.

16. Photography.

Whether you are a photographer or you want to learn, there are so many ways you can market yourself and turn photography into a full-blown job. Blogs and websites will pay for food photography, lifestyle photos, and product photos. You can also break into the niche of wedding and family photography.

17. Video editing and production.

Like photography, video editing and production is in current high demand. Companies and brands are looking for engaging videos that can pause a quick scroll down Facebook. If you know your way around video editing software, you have a valuable skill that can make you some dollars.

18. Graphic design.

Some people just have an eye for making beautiful documents and visuals. Even if you have no formal training, you can learn to be a great graphic designer who can turn a boring info-graph into a steady job.

19. Professional organizing.

Your mother calls it OCD, you call it business. If you love organization you just might be the lifesaver that many people are looking for. They will pay for your services and advice.

20. Making and selling gift baskets.

Now this would be a fun job to have! Get your creative juices flowing every single day by making and selling your own gift baskets. Grab a Shopify account, think of beautiful ways to market your product, and get to work.

21. Become a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is one of the fastest growing online jobs. Virtual assistants manage calendars, emails, and important business for individuals and companies. And the best part…they don’t have to run around getting coffee for everyone in the office.

22. Become a virtual secretary.

Like a virtual assistant, a virtual secretary handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes work for websites, companies, and individuals. If you are great with organization and are 110% dependable, you’d make a great virtual secretary.

23. Personal trainer or wellness coach.

Do you have a passion for fitness and wellness and want to share it with others? Consider becoming a personal trainer or wellness coach. You can find online personal trainer jobs and other related jobs in the health and wellness field. You might even consider your own podcast or fitness blog.

24. Elderly care and companionship.

A huge population of the world is considered elderly and there are plenty of ways to turn your compassion for older people into a job. You could be a caregiver or companion to an elderly person. Some families will pay responsible and loving individuals to check in on their loved ones, spend time with them, and drive the around to run errands.

25. Interior design.

Maybe you’ve got a flare for interior design and want to be your own boss. Work from home and offer your skills to customers via social media, craigslist, etc.

26. Sewing.

Sewing seems to be one of those skills that is becoming more and more scarce. If you’ve got a talent for sewing, you could turn that talent into a paycheck by offering your seamstress savvy.

27. Event planning.

Planning parties sounds like a dream job, right? Event planning can turn into a lucrative business if you stick with it. Start small by planning a friend’s birthday party and then work up from there. Take plenty of photos and build your portfolio of all the excellent parties you throw.

You could also invest in party decor like linens, fancy drink dispensers, and serving platters and then rent them out for other people to use.

28. Test websites.

Did you know some companies will pay you to test their websites? You can earn anywhere from $10-$50 per test.

29. Online teaching

If you have a teaching certificate or college degree, you can apply to teach high school and even college classes. A simple Google search will also yield plenty of opportunities to each English online.

30. Earn money driving.

Only driving apps like Lyft, Uber, and Uber Eats (you literally get paid to deliver food to people in your town!) are changing the way we get around nowadays. If you’ve got a few spare hours in your day and you are a responsible driver, turn that spare time into spare dollars.

31. Bookkeeping.

Check with local dentists, chiropractors, and doctors in your area who could use some help with their bookkeeping. A majority of the time you can do these jobs at home.

32. Rent out your home or extra room.

You can make good money by renting out the spare room in your house, or even your whole house for the weekend. Many families cover their monthly mortgage via AirBnB or VRBO this way!

33. Try wholesaling.

Many men, women, and even teens have been dabbling in eCommerce wholesaling. Wholesaling is when you search out items from overseas, buy in bulk and then turn around and sell them via an online store. You can see how these two 13-year-olds turned selling scarves online to paying for their college education.

34. Organize a youth sports league.

Is your town sorely lacking in sports leagues? It takes a major amount of organization, but you can form a new soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. league for youth in your town. If you build it, they will come.


How cool are all these jobs you can legit do at home? Walt Disney said, If you can dream it, you can do it and that aptly applies to finding a way you can work at home as well.

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