Bryan Pope

​Every so often we get​ a welcome reminder of how much our constituents value our research. Usually that happens when we expect it. For example, when we’re visiting with Realtors at the Texas Association of Realtors convention every fall, or when people visit our offices.

But we received a reminder recently that was a little out of the ordinary, and it caught us by surprise.
A couple of weeks ago, a woman from Houston called us. Her house had been flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Among the many things she lost were her copies of Tierra Grande magazine for the past three years, and she was hoping we could send replacements.
I imagine​ that for most people who’d just lost many of their worldly possessions, a stack of ruined magazines would’ve been the least of their concerns. But this caller told me she’d worked in real estate since the late ’70s, and she’s always relied on our magazine in her job. She said she frequently looks through back issues and shares information from them with her clients.
I assured her that we’d be happy to replace her copies of Tierra Grande back through 2015 at no charge. Now she was the one caught by surprise.
“But what about all the other people who call​ asking for replacements?” she asked. “That must get expensive.”
I didn’t say anything, but I did chuckle. There was a pause on the line, then she said, ​”I’m the only who’s called, aren’t I?”
I informed her that she was so far, but that we greatly appreciate knowing there are folks out there who benefit so richly from our research. By the end of the day, replacement copies were in the mail and on their way to her.
By the way, should you ever lose back issues of Tierra Grande magazine, all of the articles are available on our website. You can read them online or print them for free.

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