It seems like almost every female I know is seeking to achieve the “perfect” curl. I’ve been trying for years to get them, and my thick and unruly hair just never would cooperate.

Then, the game changer came into my life:
L’Ange Hair tools and products.


They are literal miracle workers and the ONLY tools that would effectively give me the most beautiful curls ever.

Plus, the’re SO pretty. I mean, the blush and rose gold option?? dying!

Want amazing beachy waves/curls too?
Watch a tutorial HERE or HERE. 

These videos have gone viral time and time again, and L’Ange is quickly becoming a household name because they have created tools that WORK, and products to support healthy, voluminous hair. Ask around. Read the comments in our LIVES. Women are genuinely impressed and falling in love with these tools and products.

That’s why, we are SO thrilled too announce that this holiday season, we have worked hand in hand with L’Ange to put together the BEST holiday hair bundles ever.
These make the BEST gifts!

We’re talking, our handpicked FAVORITE tools and products, at prices that will knock your socks off. These bundles are 60-70% off the normal prices, and you will ONLY find them HERE for a LIMTED time.

If you’ve been waiting for to buy yourself something, or want to gift a wand/straightener to your teen daughter, this is the time! Today is the day!


Or check out all the individual package details here:

 BASIC CURLS = any size/type Ondule wand + heat shield


This is a great option for someone just starting out. It’s basic, but complete. The heat shield protects the hair before you use the hot tools and is a necessity. Plus, it smells fantastic! We recommend the ceramic wand for those with thin or really damaged hair and the titanium for those with thicker/coarser hair.

 BLOW IT OUT = dryer + blowout shampoo & conditioner + root booster

This combo of products is a lifesaver for those of you who don’t get the salon for a blow out weekly. I swear by this hair dryer. It’s the best I’ve ever had as it has cut my drying time down to half. without damaging my hair. The Blowout shampoo and conditioner help eliminate frizz without being weighty.  Use a little root booster for some added volume and BAM, you look like you just stepped out of the salon at a quarter of the cost!


 DOUBLE DUTY = both titanium Ondule wands + heat shield + nourishing gloss

Not sure which size wand to get? Get them both! The 32mm gives you a beachier wave whereas the 25mm gives you a more distinct curl. Totally different looks, but both amazingly beautiful. I love to switch between the two to really diversify my look! Be sure to use the heat shield to protect your hair and the nourishing gloss leave your hair smooth and shiny. A little goes a long ways!


 SAVANAH’S PICKS = heat shield + dry shampoo + sea salt spray + marula mist + root booster + whip

Savannah, our resident hair goddess, put this package together of her favorite products. Sometimes hair care can be overwhelming and you may not be sure where to start. These products are the best of the best and will protect, PLUS provide volume and shine. They make a great gift bundle too. (The marula oil is my personal favorite….although the dry shampoo is a game changer too!)

Are you drooling yet?
You should be.

If you’ve been wanting super-model worthy hair, but haven’t been able to achieve it, TRY L’Ange tools and products. They’re the only thing that’s REALLY worked in my hair and  honestly, I couldn’t love them more. These holiday packages are at prices you just can’t say no to! So grab a package for yourself, grab one for your daughter and grab one for your sister while they still last!


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