David S. Jones


I​t has been my experience that Tuesday is a great day of the week.

Need to ask someone for a favor? Ask on Tuesday. As president of the local Lions Club, church board, and professional communications group, I have asked many people to chair committees or help with events. When I ask on Tuesday, the reply is overwhelmingly “yes."

Have an email to send? Do it on Tuesday. The Real Estate Center’s twice-weekly e-newsletter RECON goes to 15,000 subscribers on Tuesdays and Fridays. It just so happens that visitors to our website peak on Tuesdays (see graphic), and I think RECON has a lot to do with that.


Tuesday is the most popular day of the week to work out, according to ClassPass, with the most popular gym time being 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday is the best day to buy cheap airline tickets online, according to digital expert Kim Komando. She touts Tuesday “because airlines often announce deals on Monday evenings. By Tuesday at noon, other airlines are scrambling to match those deals."

Monster.com says Tuesday is the best day to find a job. Not only is it the best day to look, it is the day most people are hired. It’s the day most companies post jobs. Nearly 58 percent of jobs are posted Monday through Wednesday, with most of the action on Tuesday (18.5 percent of applications).

Writing in The Sydney Morning Herald, Caitlin Fitzsimmons explains why Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. For one thing, she says 90 percent of sick days in Australia are taken on Monday or Friday. She notes, “It’s logical to infer a good proportion of . . . sick days are actually people chucking a sickie." Wednesday is “hump day," and Thursday is when we clear the decks for the weekend. A 2013 survey by Accountemps shows 39 percent of HR managers rank Tuesday tops in productivity.

If you want to hold a meeting, do it on Tuesday, according to Quartz Media. A study by YouCanBookMe in England found that 2:30 pm on Tuesday is the time most people are free.

For those of you who do cold calling and hate it, TheBalance.com offers hints to turn cold calls into sales. “Tuesdays have proven to be the best day for sales professionals to send emails, mail, and cold call." People are into their weekly routine, cranking out work, and aren’t looking forward to the weekend yet.

Apparently, Tuesday is just about the best day for anything, except buying or selling a house. 

 The 33.19-carat Elizabeth Taylor Diamond sold in 2011 for $8.8 million. In 1968, it was known as the Krupp Diamond when Richard Burton bought it for $305,000. When asked why he gave it to Elizabeth Taylor, he said, “just because it’s Tuesday." 

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