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Organize Your Recipes with This Adorable DIY Recipe Binder

I come from a long line of great home cooks. I grew up on Sunday dinners at my Grandma Richard’s house with homemade chicken noodle soup and handmade noodles. Her homestyle mashed potatoes fueled most of my childhood growth and development. And every single birthday, Grandma made sure to make my favorite huckleberry cheesecake. She passed her recipes and her love for cooking to both my mom and myself.

My childhood was laced with homemade chocolate chip cookies and delicious hearty meals.

Similarly, my Grandma Forbush was known as one of the greatest cooks in our town. Her recipes were always scrawled on notecards (when she used a recipe at all) and she was known for her fabulous homemade bread. She’d make 12 loaves at a time for her seven children and the gaggle of neighbor kids who were always hanging around.

Not only was my Grandma Forbush a great home cook, but she was the head cook at my elementary school lunchroom. My grandma and her sister mixed rolls from scratch for 300 kids, made their own apple crisp, and mixed a lot of love into each day’s school lunch. When I’d come through the line, she’d always gave me an extra breadstick or cupcake and a wink. I was her special girl.

Everyone loved my grandma for her kindness and her cooking.

Family Recipes Tell a Story

Family recipes are woven into our unique DNA. They tell a story of where we come from and who we are. My Grandma Forbush passed away a few years ago and as I was flipping through my recipes the other day, a tiny faded card fell out. It was my grandma’s bread recipe. Tears trickled down my face as I read these uncharacteristic directions:

This recipe makes around 12 loaves of bread or 200 rolls. Some people have tried to break down the recipe, but it never turns out quite right. That’s because a lot of years and a lot of love have gone into making this recipe perfect.”

Family recipes are too important to forget or worse, lose. They are like treasures to me, so I decided to put my favorite and most beloved recipes all in one special recipe binder.

The Avery My Recipe Binder

Avery has a My Recipe Binder that is perfect for organizing your recipes. It would also make an excellent DIY gift for moms, grandmas, sisters, daughters, or granddaughters. I remember going off to college for the first time and whenever I got a little homesick, I’d pull out my family’s recipe book and make a batch of my mom’s cinnamon rolls. It always made home feel a lot closer.

Check out this cute video to see how the Avery My Recipe Binder works.

recipe binder

You can get the My Recipe Binder and starter kit on Amazon for 25% off with the code 25RECIPE. Follow these steps:

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Assembling Your My Recipe Binder

Along with the My Recipe Binder, it’s also helpful to purchase the Avery My Recipe Binder Starter Kit. The starter kit contains 23 various sheet protectors and pocket providers to help keep your recipes safe.

The My Recipe Starter Kit sheet protectors are super handy for inserting the free printable templates at Avery.com/recipes. Hop over there where you can access and customize binder covers, tables of contents, and recipe pages.

You can also type out some of your hard-to-read recipes at Avery.com/recipes, print them out on their cute custom templates, and insert them into the sheet protectors included in the My Recipe Starter Kit.

Now you’re ready to assemble your recipe binder!

Step 1: Gather all of your favorite recipes.

Step 2: Once you’ve purchased your favorite My Recipe Binder, head to Avery.com/recipe to print out the free templates that go with it.

Last Step: Insert all of your recipes and customized pages into the My Recipe Starter Kit sheet protectors and organize them by your preferred categories.

Avery Recipe Binders are easy to customize and Avery.com/recipes has free coordinating templates for binder cover sheets, spine labels, dividers and tabs, recipe cards, full recipe pages, and more. You can seriously deck out your recipe book if you so desire!

Gals, these recipe binders are stain-resistant and super durable. That means the designs won’t rub off and each Avery Recipe Binder is easy to clean and wipe when your aunt’s secret spaghetti sauce splatters on it! Each binder can hold up to 220 sheets of paper and there are three beautiful designs to choose from.

Preserve your family’s priceless memories because someday, they’ll be a legacy that lives on through generations. I miss my grandma so much, but I can channel her every time I make her recipes. And just in case you’re wondering, I always follow her bread recipe to the tee. I’m afraid of what might happen if I didn’t!

Photos by Maggie Grace Photography

*Thank you to Avery for sponsoring this post. All opinions and grandma stories are my own.

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