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Hats are one of my favorite pieces of apparel especially winter caps and hats; the little ones with the fluffy ball, the French beret, the knitted cap and the rain hat.  They cover up bad hair, bad hair dyes as well as bald heads. But recently I have found my very favorite. It is the Bella Capo winter cap.

The winter cap named Bella Capo is made of nylon and wool.  It has ear flaps and is good in cooler temperatures.  It is water-resistant.  It can be worn in extreme temperatures found on mountains and freezing temperatures in the winter.  What I liked about the hat is that it fits on my head and stays;   when it was really cold out like when I climbed the mountain like Mt. Hood I had another cap underneath it.

You can wear it throughout the day through any physical activity such as biking and running.  It is a one size fits all.   To give you an example if I were to be caught in a rain storm I could wear it and it get not to damp thereby giving me a chill.  It will go with any outfit and still look sort of stylish and not out of place.

As with most winter caps, it is always good to buy several of the same kind of hat because you know that you are going to lose one.  Make sure to try it out in the coldest weather you can stand. For example, when there is ice on the road like black ice go outside and stay for about a half n hour and see if your ears stay warm. I know that sounds like punishment- and it is. But at least you know your cap works well right?


If you are not in the St. Louis area you can check online.

For those who like this winter cap there are a couple of other Bella Capo winter caps available online.   One is Bella Capo Loden Wool Cycling Cap, Green.  Currently it is unavailable.  But it is a handmade Italian Loden wool cap. Another is the Bella Capo Winter Cycling /Bicycle Cap-Water Resistant with Ear Flap & Liner. It is $21.95 and available online.  It is gray in color and available now for sale.  Free shipping and handling in the United States.  Another is the Bella Capo Cycling Thermo Roubaix Winter Cap available black or cyan.  The price is $29.95.  I think this last one is for a kid but not sure.  It is the Bella Capo Cycling Thermo Winter Cap Road Black One Size Fits All kd1. The price is $34.00.   Also a Capo Baclava is also available. So if you like the Bella Capo winter cap check out these other brands as well.

Most of them appear to be for sale by a previous owner or by the maker. They actually bid on them. Some of the bids run from $5.00 to $15.00.  The shipping and handling in some cases is free and in other cases they charge.  They colors all appear to be grey, black and cyan. And all are Italian wool.  Check out the actual manufacturer if you can.  They are located in Italy I believe.

If you like Italian wool then you will love Russian Fur.  Try the Naval Officer hat-Canadian beaver and it is available online at Arctic Store (www.arctic-store.com/) for $184.50.  It is also made out of leather with ear flaps to protect your ears. It comes in the following:  Siberian ushanka, brown fox, beaver black, Siberian ushanka golden beaver and a trapper hat NAFA beaver.

In closing this is a good cap for you to wear are you a cyclist in the winter time and it also doesn’t take away from your business attire should you wear it to work. It will weather the bad and cold weather. It will keep your ears warm and stay on your head. It is water resistant so when it rains and its cold there is no double whammy. And it is also reasonably priced.  What more could you ask for in a winter cap?

Arctic store.com is located in Russian and sells their winter wear online on their website.  They are happy to assist you in finding your winter hats and accessory needs.

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