Having gym equipment in your home is very important. There are several benefits associated with this equipment. In this article, we shall try to put our focus on Barbell Set. For those who have just got this for the first time, do not bother yourself. Lest get to the point and find out what how important Barbell Set can be:

What is Barbell Set?

It’s the best home gym equipment available in the market now. It’s it a machine used in the gym to help people who want to lift weights. It’s made up of a steel bar which is 5-7feet long. Their diameter is often designed with varying size but the standard size is about 1inch. With the use of weight plates on the sides of this steel bar, t6he lifer will be able to know the amount of weight they need.  They are mostly applied in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and weight training.

How to Choose the Best Barbell Set for Home Gym?

  • Barbell Strength

Focus on two major measurements when dealing with strength. First yield strength and last tensile strength. Tensile strength is measured in terms of pounds-per-square-inch and is known as the breaking point of any barbell set. To be on a safer side, 165000 PSI should be your least option to go for. Yield strength will enable the machine barbell to bend or deform itself.

  • Load Capacity

Before you go for any barbell, you should be sure that it will be able to accommodate your weight. Thus you should also check on the width of the plate. Its want makes the barbell to accommodate a given load. Those that can accommodate larger weight have a plate with a thin width.

  • Knurling

It’s this feature that enables you to firmly grip the barbell without it falling accidentally. The groves that are made on the barbell are the one responsible for improving Knurling. The depth and width of the groves will help you to handle heavy loads easily.

  • Sleeves

This factor is very crucial as it enables your barbell to spin easily. Most of the sleeves have either bushings or bearings which reduces friction and ensure the machine functions normally. The sleeves containing bearing are god for they improve the speed and quality of the spin. This is why they are used on high-end barbells. On the other hand, if you choose a sleeve that operates using bushings, then you should know that they are for general purpose.

What do Barbells do Your Body?

The main aim of practicing using barbell is to help you manage weight and strengthen your muscles. As you try to lift the barbell and move in various directions, your entire body muscles will get engage and you will be stronger at long last. It helps you to coordinate your senses so that you can be both physically and mentally active.

What do Barbells do Your Body

Ways to Work Out with Barbells?

  • Bodyweight Forward Lunge

To carry out this exercise, you need to stand in such a way that your feet are apart. Then move the right leg forward until the left knee is an inch above the ground. Move slightly upward and try to return your right leg to its initial position. Now you can make use of your left leg as you move it forward until your right knee is about 1 inch above the ground.  You can now place barbells on your back to inverse the difficulty.

  • Box Jumps

Look for a foam box, metal or wooden box. But ensure it’s safe for your heels when you land on it. Now that you have the block, stand in front of it. Move your arms backwards and try to perform a ¼ squat. This can be possible when you bend the knees slightly. Jump onto this box and try to stand immediately you land. Step on the ground using one leg at a time. Repeat this procedure.

  • Lying Hamstring-Machine Curl

Lie on the machine pad with your face facing down and your legs straight. Ensure that the back of your ankle is touching the ankle pad. Move the feet toward the direction of your butt. Bend your knees as you try to squeeze the hamstrings. When you have done this and you can see the pad closer to you’re the lower back, try to return the pad in its original position. Repeat this several times.

Health Benefits of Barbells Exercise

Boost the rate of metabolism. Lifting heavy weight increase the rate of heartbeat. This improves the Rate of blood flow. This ensures you are supplied with enough energy during the entire process. This will improve the rate of metabolism which has great benefits to your health.

Help reduce weight. Lifting heavy weight is the only way through which you can manage your weight. With the demand for too much energy within a short period of time, the body will be forced to work extra hard to maintain the energy level. This result o burning of calories and fats through ketosis. This help to reduce weight.

Improve bone health. There are various workouts you can engage in when using a barbell set. This makes it effective for both seniors and middle-aged people. Lifting of weight improved the bone density and minimizes the chances that you can get bone fractures.

Improve cardio health. When you begin performing these workouts, you will discover that your heart rate will keep increasing. When this happens, your heart health will be good and problems such as blood cholesterols will never come your way.

Final Thought

You do not really need to rely on drugs to keep you healthy. Simple things you do like gym exercise can protect you from some health problems. This is why it’s important to have the best home gym equipment like Barbell Set. Take a step today and save your life.

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