One of the most important factors in qualifying for the CFA Charter is passing all the level exams. To do this a lot of preparation needs to be done. A key feature in passing the exams is having the right materials. This includes writing aides such as pens, flashcards and mind maps as well as textbooks and CFA Notes.

What notes Include?

CFA notes include all the information that will be tested on the level examinations. These notes are used by both students when preparing for examinations and instructors. A few features should be considered when looking for the right notes:

The notes should be comprehensive. The CFA curriculum is broad and contains a lot of information. One should ensure that the notes provided whether online or by the instructor at the education center are consistent with the course outline. The notes may have additional information but should never differ from the curriculum. The additional information should be to help better understand the course.

They should be clear and concise. The notes should be about a certain topic and its objectives. It should be self-explanatory in a way that it presents an idea to the student and then expound more.

The notes should be the language that the reader speaks. One should not spend a lot of time trying to translate and format the notes. It should also be eligible.



Other features depend on the format of the notes. CFA notes can either be hand-written from textbooks or lessons taken at Approved Preparation Centres. They may also be printed from online Examination Preparation Websites such as AnalystPrep, BloombergPrep or Kaplan-Schweser.

Before writing down notes from textbooks, ensure the textbooks are up-to-date. Using old version books may lead to inaccurate information. Textbooks should be purchased from reliable sources. There are many scenarios where books are copy written and include falsified information. (The purpose of most of these fraudulent copywriters is to damage the reputation of the original works.) If one cannot afford to buy from a bookshop, you could always find online sites that sell second-hand books at a cheaper rate.

Notes taking from lessons are usually the best form of notes. This is because the class lesson allows you to write notes in a way that you would best understand. Just make sure that you highlight the key points. CFA notes also include mathematical formulas. Ensure you have access to a formula sheet from a reliable source. Also, include all the practice question provided by the instructor as well as your own.

From where to get the notes?

Obtaining notes from online sources is very fast, simple and efficient. Unlike notes taking and written from written text, one can just print all the notes from every lesson at once. All is required is to pay a small fee for the CFA notes, print and start studying. What you will mostly need is to highlight the key points and do the test questions.

CFA level 1 notes are majorly  important when it comes to preparing for the exam. The right notes and proper studying skill will certainly ensure success.

Read and Understand Every Question Very Carefully

Because of time constraints and pressure of sitting the exam, a common mistake is misunderstanding the question and opt for the wrong answer. It may pay to spend some time reading questions slowly not to misinterpret them, or   you may sometimes decide to pass a question and go on other that you may tackle faster. Time management is important – and wasting time on the time-consuming questions can mean missing easy marks in some simpler questions.

There Is Just One Right Answer

Stay precise even though you need to sacrifice time to get the calculation right. Never rush this as you can end up using your valuable time and missing out to get a simple question right. Any silly mistakes may cost your valuable marks. Lastly, it can’t be overemphasized how important it is to use the best study materials and doing the mock exams. Get those two things right, and chances of passing the 1 level exam are highly enhanced.

To give yourself the best chance of passing CFA exams, you absolutely need to equip yourself with CFA notes and, more importantly, CFA Mock Exams. An individual with this professional certification generally brings credibility as well as expertise to its organization.

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