Modern lifestyles call for changes in the way people take care of their health and fitness and there is a growing trend of using supplements and other diet alternatives to stay fit and be productive. Owing to the availability of the options when it comes to health supplements, it requires users to research and study before choosing one supplement over others.

One such supplement is TruVision Health and there has been considerable research put into its production and formula. However, there have been complaints from many of the users about this supplement and in particular one ingredient, Bitter Orange.

Below, we take a look at the formula and scientific research about this particular ingredient to understand the side effects that it is said to be causing for many of its users.

About the Company

TruVision started its line of supplements in the year 2014 with an intention of making lives better and healthier for the customers of their various supplements.

Some of their supplements include TruEssentials, TruNecessity and the most popular one that shall be the subject of this article, TruHealth. The suggested dosage of these supplements is 2 capsules per day for effective weight loss leading to improved quality of life.

Ingredients That Make TruVision Supplements

Following list of ingredients combined together make TruVision Health a weight loss supplement that actually has a visible impact on the user’s health and lifestyle.

Minerals – Inorganic in nature, minerals are a great dietary component that helps reduce weight and enhance lifestyles.

Vitamins – There are some necessary vitamins that make up a healthy diet that are not necessarily present in a person’s daily food intake. To fulfill the need of such vitamins, one needs to take supplements that complete the nourishment required for a healthy lifestyle.

Bitter Orange – This is said to help significantly with weight loss. However, just like any other supplement, it does cause some side effects induced by synephrine for some consumers. Since it is a supplement, it is advised that one does consider their physician’s opinion before using the product.

Caffeine – It improves the functions of central nervous system and positively impacts concentration as well as coordination and weight loss capacity of a person.

Green Tea Extract – known to have antioxidant properties as well as a range of amino acids and polyphenols, all of these properties tend to complement weight loss efforts and enhance a better lifestyle.

Dendrobium – This also helps in improving the metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Just like any other supplement, TruVision Health has varying impacts for different people. On one hand, users have complaints about the side effects of a few ingredients, while on the other hand, many consumers also enjoy the impacts it has had on their lifestyles. As is the case with any other supplement, it is always recommended that one seeks a doctor’s opinion before starting to take any additional supplements. These supplements are sold on the official website of TruVision Health.

Side Effects Caused By TruVision Health Vary With Each Consumer

Not all of the consumers who have taken this supplement report similar side effects, which means that each person has their requirement for energy and additional dietary supplements. Adjusting the dosage according to your needs can calm some of the side effects.

This can be done by the recommendation of a fitness expert. Some consumers reported agitation after consuming this product while others reported significant positive changes in their lifestyle and weight loss regime. These supplements are also said to boost mental concentration and focus and helped them to become more productive.

Consumers’ Opinion

TruVision products seem to have different impacts on different people. While there have been some extremely positive reviews about users losing weight and improving the quality of their lives, there are also opinions that reflect either no change in the users’ weight loss goals or prolonged and acute side effects.

FDA Warning on TruVision

In April of 2015, the users of these supplements were warned against using them because the FDA considered some ingredients included were not according to the given description on the product label.

These included 4-amino-methyl pentane citrate and synephrine. However, it was simply a warning for the users and the sale was banned until the issue was sorted out between the Food & Drug Administration and the manufacturer.


In conclusion, we would like to inform the readers that this product is a supplement which should be combined with diet and exercise for significant changes in weight loss and lifestyle.

While some users have experienced side effects or no change in their weight, others have had encouraging impacts from the usage of TruVision Health.

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