Adding a good fence is always a good idea for any kind of home. The right fence can improve the security of your home, as well as enhance the curb appeal and privacy. Like most things in life, a fence can also acquire damages, which then needs repair or replacement. If you reside in the area of Baton Rouge, you may realize at some point that there are plenty of fence repair companies to choose from. The question now becomes – which one is the best for me? 

When choosing the right fence repair company in Baton Rouge, you’ll need to consider a number of factors such as the company’s specialty, customer service, cost, and experience. 

In this article, we are going to focus on how you can improve your chances of finding the right fence repair company for you in Baton Rouge. 

Chain Link Fence

Chain link is perhaps the most common type of fence because it’s cheaper and easy to install. Whenever chain link fence is damaged, some companies will try to talk you in removing the entire fence and replace it with a new one. If there’s only a small section that is damaged, such advice is good for the company as it brings more profits, but it will be bad for your pockets. To get a fair assessment, it’s critical that you look for a fence repair company in Baton Rouge that has integrity. 

On the other hand, there are instances that your link fence is really damaged that a replacement is the best way to do it. In such cases, it’s best that you look for a fence repair company that is fully qualified, licensed and insured to do the installation for you. 

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are known for its above-average durability. It offers higher levels of security because of iron’s tough properties. Wrought iron fences are also elegant as most are beautifully crafted. Despite being tough, wrought iron fences can acquire damages. 

Because of its toughness, it takes a specific skill to appropriately and effectively repair a wrought iron fence. Not all fence repair companies are experienced or even qualified to fix this type of fence. Hence, when looking for a fence repair company in Walker, LA, near Baton Rouge, specifically ask if they have experience repairing wrought iron fences. 

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence is also referred to as PVC fences. It’s a popular form of fencing as its easily repairable and requires no painting. It’s also reasonably durable for its costs. However, it can get damaged, commonly by felled trees, branches, and other hazards. Just like wrought iron fencing, it’s best that you look for a fencing repair company that is experienced repairing vinyl fencing. It’s a relatively new form of fencing. Hence, not every fencing repair company out there is experienced working with such kind of fence material. 

Wood Fence

If you want that classic and cozy look, then there’s probably nothing that can top a wood fence. A wood fence can last for a long time if it’s installed correctly and the wood treatment is of high quality. Nevertheless, it’s prone to warping, chipping and other damages. Repairing a wood fence is a bit tricky compared to other types of fence. 

Since wood is susceptible to moisture damage, checking the damaged area is not enough. The fence repair company must know how to assess the wood and knows how to look for other possible vulnerabilities. Unlike other types of fencing materials, you need to know how to fix it and use the right tools to ensure that the wood’s charm doesn’t get ruined. Furthermore, the fence repair company must also know how to properly treat a wood fence to ensure it’s longevity. 

Other Things To Look For 
 * Good Customer Service – it’s best that you work with a fence repair company in Baton Rouge that has a reputation for providing excellent customer service. A fence repair can be disruptive to the lives of the homeowners. Good customer service can help smooth things out a lot quicker.  
 * Fully Licensed – it’s crucial that you work with a company that is fully licensed. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting into worst case scenarios, and the legal system has limited ways of helping you. 
 * Fully Insured – accidents can happen anytime. If the fence repair company is not fully insured, you may be legally responsible for the medical bills of the repairman that got into an accident while working on your premises.  

While it is true that you have plenty of choices when it comes to a fence repair company in Walker and Baton Rouge, LA, it does not mean that you can randomly pick any company and expect a fair price and a smooth ride. Knowledge is your best defense in this situation. Hence, take note of the tips we mentioned above. 

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