Picking the best office chair seems to be a simple task, yet there are many things we do not think about. Whether you work in an office or at your home, the chair you use while being on the computer/whatever device you are using, could represent the place you sit on for more than 8 hours a day.

When it comes to picking the right office chairs there are many variables to consider, such as: comfortableness, material, size and even color. All of these perks should come together in order to have the best office chair.

Choosing only one is extremely difficult as it depends a lot on what a person needs, from wanting to look fashionable, to expecting back support so you can prevent incorrect postures or even adjustable seating and arms here are our top picks for the best office chair of the year 2017.

1) As stated by numerous reviews and critics, the best office chair of the year is the Herman Miller Aeron Chair because of its unique and business looking style. Herman Miller has been part of this world for many years and are renowned for having revolutionized the way people sit. The reasons that make this the best office chair are how comfortable it is, along with its durable material and 12 year warranty. It is also less expensive than the next chair on our list, that while some consider it to be superior it double the cost. You can purchase this chair here.

2) Next on our list is the Herman Miller Embody Chair, it is high tech and rocking it. It seating has “smart pixels” that allow it to adjust to movement, while its back is flexible enough to help you maintain posture. It is also highly customizable, coming in a wide arrange of colors and skins, making it the best office chair in the market. Its size is perfectly designed for all bodies, and will surely make you feel as if you were in Olympus itself. The reason why it’s placed number two in our list though, is because its cheapest version comes in 1,045$ making it a significant investment for any company or for a freelancer who chooses to bring his work home. Buy it here!

3) Taking Herman Miller of the top places for a bit is the Steelcase Amia Chair. This chair might seem extremely simple at a first glance, but when you ty it and feel the Live Lumbar support you will feel you are sitting on the best office chair you have ever sat on. This chair comes in a wide arrange of colors and its price Is 560$. Its simplicity makes it as inexpensive as a mid-range chair but it has all the comfort of a high end product, making it one of the best office chairs available. Learn more from Steelcase, here!

4) Coming back to the list is Herman Miller with the Sayl Chair mode. While we have already covered the ones called “best office chair” this model is more into the artsy side, designed by Yves Behar this chair looks as splendid in an office as well as in the middle of the living room. It loses some of the comfortableness of previous choices as well as some of the flexibility, but adds a lot of visual impact. Its price is also gorgeous starting at 459$, making it a perfect choice for a beginner art studio or museum, where looking good is as important as feeling well. More on this model here!

5) Also a runner up for best office chair, instead of actually being one, is the Steelcase Think Chair. Just like other Steelcase chairs, its design looks simple and minimalistic, but this one comes with so many perks you just can’t avoid having it. It has adjustable arms, seat height, seat depth, along with an immense color pallet and the new LiveBack support system for powerful lumbar support, making this an ergonomic design and worth considering as best office chair. Its price goes from 650$ making it an affordable price for a wonderful chair. Buy it here!

When it comes down to it, picking the best office chair is not the easiest job but it definitely a worthwhile task, as we spend so much time sitting down that we might as well do it the best way possible.

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