Modern technology has made it very difficult for human beings to engage in exercises that could help them to live a healthy life. In the past years, cases of heart or muscles problems were rare. today you can find several people suffering. Where is the problem? People are not doing exercise; they tend to rely on automotive which have made their muscles very weak. However, for those who are determined to have a better life, the treadmill could still be your hope.

What is a Treadmill?

This is the best home gym equipment that allows the user to walk, climb or run while maintaining the same position. Instead of going outdoor for a walk, you could still use the best treadmill to cover the same distance you could have covered when you are outside. These machines are the improvement of the tools that were being used in ancient time to help people or animals develop the strength of doing a given task. Some communities used the treadmills as a form of punishment for those who were to perform hard labour. But today, they have found favour in the heart of technology. Their current design makes them applicable for gym use.

How to Choose the Best Treadmill for Home Gym?

  • Programs. Different treadmills come with different programs installed on them. Your primary concerns are to look for a treadmill with programs for weight loss, speed workouts, hills training or cardiovascular performance. With the ability to alter the spend and inclination, you will be able to exercise without any disruption.
  • Decline and incline. This feature enables you to experience the hilly terrains whenever you are exercising. To ensure you are on the safer side, try to look for treadmills that offer 12%incline grade. There are best treadmills that can offer 3% decline grade.
  • Width, weight and length. Weight recommendation is given based on motor size and capability of shock absorption. If you are a runner, probably you need a treadmill with a length of 55-60 inches. If you prefer walking, then a length of 45-50 inches would be a good choice for you. when considering the width, runners should look for 22 inches while walkers can be good with 20 or 18 inches.
  • Speed. Any treadmill is rated in miles per hour. It simply indicates the speed at which the bed of the treadmill will rotate. A perfect chance for anyone there should be 10mph unless you are planning for a heavy interval workout, then you can go for 15mph.
  • Control interface. It’s quite easy to make advancement on your speed and inclination when you are using a touch screen interface. The screen can indicate and record your workout activities and details. This makes it an essential feature for any treadmill.
  • Safety line and Support Rails. These are important safety features for the best treadmill. They help to minimize accident. They can also help senior to exercise without having the fear of falling. Safety line ensures that when you fall accidentally, the line will help to disconnect the treadmill. Support rails are situated on the side of the treadmill and ensure that you are safe.

What does Treadmill do Your Body

What does Treadmill do Your Body?

Treadmills are meant to help you strengthen your muscles and make you be both physically and mentally active. Walking for a given distance every day can help to improve your general health. Treadmills work in such a way that when you spend your day in the machine walking, you may end up sweating and using a lot of energy. This help to burn more calories and help to reduce weight.

Ways to Work Out with Treadmill?

To get started, set the treadmill at zero inclination and try walking for about 5 minutes. This will help you to warm up. To continue with the walking interval, you can increase the speed slightly and the inclination. Try to walk in such a way that you may not be able to keep up with any conversation. Do this for about 2 minutes. Now that you Are heading to a running interval, you will need to start running for another 1 hour. If the speed is to slow, try increasing the speed or the inclination. With this trend, you can always keep repeating these procedures from warm-up to walking to running. Every round you make, increase the speed, inclination and the duration.

Health Benefits of Treadmill Exercise

  • Reduce Weight

Treadmill exercises have shown impressive benefits when it comes to weight loss. Spending your 30 minutes on a treadmill could help you to burn some calories. this ensure you get rid of the stubborn weight that has been troubling you.

  • Improves Mood

If you are tired and exhausted, try treadmill exercise. Research indicates that runni8ng or walking on a treadmill encourages the secretion of serotonin and endorphins. these two hormones can improve your mood and protect you from problems like anxiety and depression.

  • Increase Life Expectancy

Aerobic exercise can help to lower life expectancy. This is because it makes your bones and muscles to be strong and ensures effective flow of blood. This result to improve immunity which prevents the effect of diseases in your general health.

  • Lower Cholesterol Level

Bad cholesterols are the ones responsible for our health problems. Therefore, you will need treadmill exercise as it lowers the level of bad cholesterol and improves the level of good cholesterol.

Final Thought

Finding the best Treadmill can help you to prevent several problems in your life.  You can always check on Amazon for the best home gym equipment for it’s the best online store that you can rely on when making your budget.

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