Looking to stay fit at home? Rowing might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Working out keeps your body healthy and it’s no secret that it takes a lot effort and sacrifice. Now, what’s better than doing it at the privacy and comfort of your home because you have just the rightly effective machine to help you hit your fitness goals? Rowing will make sure your whole body is involved in your quest for a better build after the heavy push and pull motions. Basically, you’ll need a rowing machine for that. It gives your muscles and joints just the perfect exercise they need.

What is a Rowing Machine?

A rowing machine is a work out equipment that copies and simulates the process of rowing a boat on a water surface, the result is a full body exercise. It is also sometimes called a rower.

How to Choose the Best Rowing Machine for a Home Gym

If this your first time deciding on the perfect rower out there, things can be a little overwhelming. Even the glossy buyer guides may sometimes be filled with overwhelming information that may only result in more confusion. Don’t sweat it though, in this article we’ll help you do just that.

Firstly, you have to consider the amount of space you have in your home gym. How wide is the work out area? Will it be able to accommodate aerobic movements? What size of rower would best fit the available space in your gym? The ventilation of that space must also be put into consideration before and after the rower is installed.

Another extremely vital aspect is your budget. This should help you choose what kind of rowing machine you can afford. What price range are you going for and have you enough bucks to get you just what you feel is great? If possible, look out for discounts and offers.

Thirdly, it is advisable to look out for the brands. What are the user reviews for the wide range of rowing machine brands available in the market? Take your time and test the machine yourself to make sure they come as advertised. You have to be satisfied as a customer before deciding to take your rower home.

It is also important to know that different rowing machines come with different resistance mechanic techniques. For instance, did you know that hydraulic resistance, air resistance, magnetic resistance, and water resistance are some of the widely used resistance techniques used by rower manufacturers? Choose a resistance technique that is comfortable and easy to maintain. Air resistance rowers have a smooth feel for example. On the other hand, magnetic rowers are popular for their significantly low noise.

What does a Rowing Machine do to Your Body

What does a Rowing Machine do to Your Body?

A rowing machine is effective for weight loss. The movements involved are so intensive that they burn up excess calories in your body. Compared to the typical gym equipment, it gets rid of comparatively more calories. Throw in a healthy diet and your fitness health is highly boosted.

Since a lot of aerobics is involved in the rowing process, its effects cannot be ignored. You will notice improved immunity and an overall increase in stamina. Besides, working out results in the production of hormones called endorphins that are vital in influencing your mood positively.

Ways to Work out With a Rowing Machine

To get good results, you must learn how to row the right way. How exactly do you do this? First, ensure that your rowing machine damper is adjusted to 7. Take a sitting position with your abdomen leaned forward. Make sure your knees are also bent while at the same time maintaining straight arms. Using your legs to begin stroking, start pulling the handle towards your chest. Ensure the chain attached to the handle is always pulled straight. Please also ensure your arms are straight, you then moved your abdomen forward. Now to enable your seat to slide back, bend your knees. Begin another circle continuously to enjoy a full work out.

Health Benefits of a Rowing Machine

People work out to stay fit. When this is done using a rowing machine, the benefits are even greater. The first benefit of riding a rower is weight loss. This is done when excess calories are burned in the body. A rowing machine does this effectively because nearly all muscles are involved.

If you are into aerobics, then what better way to achieve your fitness needs faster than on a rower? A rowing machine involves all your key muscles during the riding process ending in impressive results. The good thing about this is the increase in heart rate which consequently revs up your rate of taking in oxygen.

Rowers improve the health of the upper body. Your shoulders, arm muscles, the upper and lower back are all engaged during a rower work out. The result is strong arms and greater muscles.

If you are not comfortable with intensive exercises such as running because they cause you joint pains, then rowers provide just the perfect alternative for you, something you don’t find in conventional exercising routines. This way you avoid injuries and other health risks.

Final Thoughts

Rowing machines are by far one of the best equipment to use or own in your gym. They offer an all-around training giving you a full body workout all at the same time making them better than the traditional gym equipment.

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