With an increased number of people in the world concerned about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, Herbalife has become the talk of the day. Most people tend to be much worried about weight gain issues according to various Herbalife reviews as far as achieving health goals and targets. This is the motivating reason for the growth of Herbalife nutrition evidenced by the increased sales of their products. This article is going to focus on the various Herbalife reviews, Herbalife nutrition facts as well as the customers’ satisfaction points.

Who Are Herbalife Nutrition?

Well, Herbalife nutrition is a multi-level company who are designed to offer nutrition programs through the meal replacement shakes as wells as Herbalife supplements. The company usually has coaches as well as online distributors who avail the desired products to the customers who are in need. The company has been growing due to them as a result of the great demand for their services and products. It is also critical to note that it has been proven that for achieving short term results Herbalife nutrition provides the based solution to weight loss although, in the long run, it has no substantial impact.

Herbalife Products

According to Herbalife reviews, the company offers a variety of products ranging from meal replacement shakes to nutritional supplements. The products manufactured are briefly discussed below.

a) Herbalife nutrition shake
This is one of the most know Herbalife meal replacement shake as it helps people to be able to lose the desired weight effectively. According to various Herbalife nutrition facts it has been established that those people who are involved in at least two meal replacement habit per day with Herbalife nutrition shakes were able to lose about 12.5 pounds on average in two weeks.
Meal replacement shakes usually come in different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and many more. Herbalife meal replacement is made of the following ingredients including; 9 g protein, 1 g fat, sugar 9g, calories 90, and 13g carbohydrates.

b) Herbalife supplements

Along with the above-known formula 1 meal replacement shake, there are other supplements popularly incorporated in weight loss programs briefly stated below.

• Formula 2 multivitamin which contains various vitamins as well as mineral salts useful towards enhancing desired results.
• Formula 3 cell activator; most responsible for helping in nutrient absorption as well as metabolism in the body. It is essential to note that this supplement comprises of ingredients such as aloe Vera, Rhodiola, alpha-lipoic acid, resveratrol, and pomegranate.
• Total control; made up of ginger, caffeine, pomegranate, and other tea varieties. This supplement helps to avail more energy for the body.
• Aminogen; responsible for improving protein digestion due to the protease enzyme it contains.
• Herbal tea concentrate; powdered drink that provides energy. Its components include caffeine and tea extracts.
• Snack defense; responsible for the metabolism of carbohydrates. The vital ingredients include Gymnema Sylvestre extract and chromium.

Pros And Cons Of Herbalife Products


  • Herbalife products are essential for enhancing weight loss due to containing low amounts of calories.
  • They are the very convenient type of fast foods i.e. Herbalife nutrition diets are easy to prepare, unlike other foods which require a lot of time thus efficient for busy people.
  • There are various alternatives available especially for clients who experience allergic reactions due to the consumption of certain meal replacement shakes such as cow’s milk or soy. In addition to this according to Herbalife nutrition facts, there are also available non-genetically modified components.
  • Herbalife nutrition shake such as those made of soy is good towards reducing the risk of heart infections and risks due to having low cholesterol levels.

Herbalife Nutrition


As usual, there is nothing under the sun that contains advantages without limitations. The following are some of the disadvantages of Herbalife products.

  • Herbalife products result in health risks such as liver damage especially those which contain ingredients such as Myriad and those which have a high amount of bacteria B.subtilis.
  • They may be expensive; this is attributed to the fact although Herbalife nutrition shakes save on money spent on groceries the cost is accelerated by the extra expenses associated with supplements and smoothies.
  • Most of the Herbalife products are highly processed thus contain high amounts of calorie and added sugars thus are not widely recommended by health organizations as they may be unhealthy in the long run.
  • Some Herbalife nutrition shakes lack certain nutrients required by the body such as proteins while they contain low calories thus make people feel hungry easily hence they aren’t true meal replacement shakes.

Buying Guides To Herbalife Products

Herbalife nutrition is a Mult-Level Marketing Company that involves the purchase of products through distributors. The distributors usually obtain the product from the company and sell to consumers at a profit. A distributor may also convince a customer to be to purchase the products and become a distributor as well according to various Herbalife reviews. The products by Herbalife nutrition contain special instructions as far as the product working is concerned. Some of the information contained in the buying guide includes; quantities involved in weight loss, maintaining weight and add nutrition and weight gain.

Customer Satisfaction Reviews

The following are some of the sample Herbalife reviews online by customers:
One of the customers acknowledges the Herbalife nutrition for the great support he had from them. Two years earlier he said he had various health complications but thanks to Herbalife products and medicine that made him well.

Another customer was mad at the company and tried to influence others in the media to shun away from the company and its core. The later went ahead to compare Herbalife to the pyramid scheme for she stated that she placed an online order which was lost in the system. She later followed to inquire more from the company but he was answered.

Nevertheless, another customer praised the product for its amazing tastes and the capability to make Herbalife nutrition shakes. Also, he stated the availability of various coaches who usually are reliable to guide through the journey towards weight loss and staying healthy.

Final Words

Herbalife nutrition provides a variety of products ranging from meal replacement shakes and also supplements that are manufactured for different nutritional purposes such as enhancing weight loss. Various advantages come along with Herbalife products including reduction of risk towards heart risks, time-saving due to easy preparation and many more. Besides these advantages, a person should be careful when using the products due to shortcomings that come with their usages such as liver damage, allergic reactions, and others. Herbalife reviews have revealed that Herbalife meal replacement shakes should not be used as the main meals for they can’t provide all the required nutrients required by the body. It is good to note that despite using the product you should always keep in touch with your health provider to prevent health complications in the future. Stay healthy.

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