Life is a puzzle. Even when I do everything to stay healthy, I find myself needing something more. Runs, walks, and workouts at the gym are mandatory things in my routine. I eat healthy food but I still miss something. My family has a history of cancer and heart issues. I decided to see my doctor who recommended Vitapulse from Princeton nutrients.

What makes this supplement effective?

Advertisements are at times misleading. How many times have you bought a product after it was advertised, only to realize it does not work as said? That is why I was very cautious when looking for supplements, even with the one the doctor suggested.

I found out that it is made of specific components. There is no exaggeration about its performance. If you are tired of using supplements with extra elements called fillers, Princeton’s product will save you. The manufacturer knows that filler elements have no benefit to your health. That is why the product has three components only. CoQ10, PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinine) and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) is all it takes to have a marvelous day. Take one pill every day and watch how different you will feel.

NAC, PQQ, and CoQ10 are antioxidants. This means they work to prevent oxidation in your body. Oxidation is harmful to anyone’s health. Behaviors such as excessive drinking increase the effects of oxidation. That is why doctors and commercials about alcohol warn consumers about the danger of going overboard.

When oxidation occurs, you are exposing yourself to threatening health conditions. Here is how. When it occurs, it produces free radicals in your system. These are harmful to your cells. They destroy or even eliminate them causing you trouble such as elevated levels of cholesterol. We all know what happens when your cholesterol is high. Your heart is at the highest risk. You may contract fatal heart diseases. That is why we should look into the three components.


Any supplement that aims to guard your heart from disorders contains this component. Supplements that are very helpful in preventing atherosclerosis and keeping blood pressure in check always contain CoA10.


It is a derivative of l-cysteine, which is an amino acid. Its functions are to stop cell damage, reduce inflammation and fight apoptosis (a condition that kills cells).

If you are struggling with bronchitis or afraid that you may get it, NAC will fight it or prevent it respectively. It will reduce or prevent the amount of mucus in your respiratory tract.


This one has several characteristics of an antioxidant but it is not an antioxidant in itself. It is an anti-aging component. It slows down aging. If you are elderly, you had better use this supplement to age controllably. You need to enjoy aging and not be rushed through it. What ages is your cells, which means when you have PQQ in your system your cells function better, healthier and age at the required pace.

When you see someone aging too fast, it is possible that he or she needs PQQ. Rescue them with this product. When cells age fast, they need more energy to execute their functions.

Bottom line 

What Princeton nutrients say about Vitapulse is exactly what it does. There is no deception as some manufacturers do. I can confirm that the benefits of the product are real. I have firsthand experience. In few weeks, I could feel the components working in my body. The first thing I will appreciate this supplement for is the fact that it has helped my body bring to normal levels my blood pressure.

Secondly, high cholesterol is becoming less of a problem as the levels are decreasing. Feeling energized is just great, thanks to this product. My mornings are much better than ever before.

It is fine if you have doubts about the benefits I am talking about. The truth is people react differently to supplements. What you experience may not be what your friend will. However, using the supplement is not all in vain. You will feel a difference in your health.

Give it a chance to feel the good it has to offer your body. Remember, do not use any medication without seeing a medic. This way, in case you react you have someone to attend to you. Use the product for 3- months to experience a change. If it does not work for, you can get your money back.

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