With all the supplements out there, it can be hard to determine what works — and what doesn’t. So what’s the deal with Active PK? Are its ingredients effective? A little investigation into the science behind this supplement uncovers the truth.

The Lowdown on AMPK 

Active PK is a supplement that aims to stimulates an enzyme called adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase — otherwise known as AMPK.  

AMPK was originally known to be an enzyme that works to maintain cellular energy and regulate metabolism in the body. Recent studies, however, have proven that it does much more than that. It seems that AMPK actually helps regulate weight, blood sugar levels, and the body’s inflammatory processes. Even more impressive? Studies are showing that AMPK actually plays a huge role in dictating how fast your body ages. And slowing down the rate at which you age is key. It can help prevent or delay any age-related issues and increase longevity. 

This is all pretty intriguing, but let’s get into the details. What is AMPK specifically doing? 

Helps Fight Abdominal Fat 

Fighting the appearance of abdominal fat is an uphill battle for many people. A big culprit in abdominal fat? Unbalanced blood sugar levels. Now, there are many factors at play when it comes to maintaining blood sugar, but it’s worth noting that AMPK is a pretty big piece of the puzzle. AMPK is actually responsible for helping to stimulate glucose (sugar) uptake. This, in turn, helps keep blood sugar levels stable. And by keeping blood sugar levels healthy, you can get the upper hand on keeping belly fat at bay. 

Increases Energy Through Cellular Renewal 

All of your body’s functions begin at the cellular level. When your cells suffer, your entire body is bound to feel the consequences. That’s why it’s so important to feed your cells so they can work under optimal conditions. And that’s where AMPK comes in. 

AMPK performs several functions when it comes to “keeping house” at the cellular level. One thing it does is assist in a process called “autophagy”. Autophagy is your body’s way salvaging old, degraded cells and using them to create new, well-working cells. This increases cellular efficiency, so that your organs continue to work well. 

AMPK is also involved in the creation of mitochondria. Mitochondria are structures inside your cells that are responsible for converting glucose into energy. This energy is fuel for all your body’s functions, and helps you maintain good energy levels to get you through your day.



Boosts Cognitive Health

Having a body that performs well is important. Part of that healthy body is the brain – and it can be difficult to know how to boost brain health. Studies are showing that AMPK is essential to maintaining good cognitive health and a well-functioning memory. 

Promotes Longevity 

This one’s pretty intriguing. A 2017 study found that AMPK, when combined with a healthy diet, has the potential to increase lifespan. Scientists theorize this has something to do with AMPK’s profound effect on keeping cellular mitochondria in good condition. 

The On/Off Switch 

Here’s the thing. AMPK essentially has an “on/off” switch. When it’s turned on, AMPK performs all the functions it’s meant to perform. So how to keep it turned on? Through the use of AMPK-stimulating nutrients. 

To stimulate AMPK, Active PK uses berberine. Berberine is a compound of several plants, including a shrub called berberis. This compound has the unique capability of activating AMPK. As a result of this activation? You get the benefits of AMPK — weight management, energy, cognitive health, and potentially — a long lifespan. 



Active PK also contains a couple other natural ingredients: 

  • Quercetin: This antioxidant is found in several fruits and vegetables, and it fights off free radicals. Free radicals are damaging molecules which can damage the body and accelerate the aging process. 
  • Gynostemma is an herb with powerful antioxidant properties that may have the potential to prevent serious health problems associated with aging.


There’s solid accountability with Active PK. All of the supplements produced by LCR Health are 3rd party tested at an independent facility. This means you can rest assured that the ingredients in Active PK are safe, pure, and of the highest quality. 

LCR Health seems pretty confident in the effectiveness of Active PK. The company offers a 90-day window in which they promise that, if you don’t like the product, you’ll receive a refund.

Tried and True 

When it comes to increasing energy and decreasing abdominal fat — Active PK promises to deliver. And the science behind AMPK backs up that promise — making Active PK a trustworthy supplement that just might be well worth a shot.  

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