There have been a lot of challenges when it comes to buying the best home gym equipment. The challenge comes as a result of several companies that manufacture this equipment. This makes it difficult for beginners to get what they deserve. For one reason or the other, you may need to use dumbbell set as your home gym equipment. Do not worry, in this article, you shall now much about it and how to use it during your exercise.

What is Dumbbell Set?

Dumbbell set are equipment meant to help those who want to build strong muscles and spend their leisure time occupied.  Dumbbell set is designed in such a way that you will find them in varying weights. they are paired and perfectly fit into your hands so that you can use them effectively.

How to Choose the Best Dumbbells for Home Gym?

Storage You should be very much concern about this factor if you want to make things right. A dumbbell is very heavy, and they can cause massive destruction if mishandled. So, before you decide on what you want to buy, think of where you will be keeping the dumbbell set. If you have a ceramic or wooden floor, then you better think otherwise. But if you are lucky enough, then you can always find dumbbell set that comes with a storage unit. This will often keep your children safe.

Material– When you need the best dumbbell, you need to know what they are made up of. The common materials used include cast iron and vinyl. Dumbbell made of cast iron is normally smaller and presentable. However, their weight cannot be compared to vinyl. They cannot be easily damaged. Vinyl is what is common in the market today because of their low price. Vinyl dumbbell is normally filled with concrete. This makes them, bigger and can occupy a larger space. So, find one which suite your need.

Connector When doing your shopping, this feature may help you to save a lot of money. a connector is a metal bar that allows you to connect 2 dumbbells to that it can function as a barbell. This can be easy as you will be having several ways of exercising.

Weight– How do you feel when you are lifting a 2lbs dumbbell? Be realistic and be aware that as you keep exercising, you may not carry the same weight you began with. Focus on the weight you can afford to lifts will make the dumbbell useful for a long time. if you can carry 1lbs now, it’s good to go for 2lbs weight capacity.

Cost– Budgeting is a key aspect in the history of human survival. Without a proper plan, you will end up planning yourself in the feature. therefore, important that whenever you are planning to buy the dumbbell set, look for one that falls within your budget. Do not be in a hurry for you may end up getting something that isn’t worth your money.

What do Dumbbells do Your Body?

The reason why you will need dumbbell as you best home gym equipment is because of its ease of use. Whether you are sitting, standing or running, you could still use a dumbbell. Its main purpose is to make your muscles to stay stronger so that you may not get problems associated with muscles pulls. It activates your entire system and allows you to perform aerobic exercise.  This improves your cardiovascular workout session. As a result of this, your general health gets improved.

Ways to Work out With Dumbbells

Ways to Work out With Dumbbells?

  • Goblet Squat

This is the dumbbell exercise that can help to improve your thoracic and hip mobility. To get started, try spreading your feet in such a way that the gap between your feet is more than the width of your shoulder. Use your hands to hold the dumbbell in front of the chest and try to squat. Then try to drive back up. Repeat this process.

  • Bent-Over Row

Are you after getting V shape? Well with a bent-over row, you will be able to work on muscles such as rhomboids, biceps, lats and traps. Make your back to be straightened as you tighten your core. Now row the dumbbell up to your chest. Lower them down and then repeat the whole process, try increasing the speed.


This exercise help to improve your gluteus maximus. To do it, look for an elevated platform. Position the left foot on the elevated object and by using your heel, try lifting yourself. this allows you to place the left foot on the platform. Now step on the ground with the left foot and keep repeating the whole process.

Farmers’ Walk

This is perhaps the easiest workout plan you could do with the dumbbell. It helps to make your shoulder strong. To do it, hold the dumbbell in your hands and start walking forward with short steps. You can change and start making quick steps and move as fast as you can until you cover the distance you targeted.

Health Benefits of Dumbbells Exercise

  • They can cause metabolic and mechanical overload which result in the growth of body muscles
  • Improves intramuscular and intermuscular coordination which help to improve motion
  • Speeds up the calorie burning process which lead to weight loss
  • Improved muscles coordination improves heart health thus eliminating cardiovascular problems
  • Increases muscles elasticity which improves blood flow in the body. This help to improve immunity and brain function as more nutrients are transported to required destinations

Final Thought

Dumbbell set is the best home gym equipment you may need if you are determined to improve the health of your muscles. You can find the best dumbbell set on Amazon if you take your time to make your search through the Amazon store.

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